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From Producers to Game Designers...

The Product team mainly consists of different Producers and Game Designers, lead by our CPO. The Game Designers (also known as the mathematicians) sets the game logic, while the Producers drives the vision of our games forwards. These talented people are surely needed in order for us to keep producing award-winning online video slots. Lucky us they are also extremely friendly and help each other to come up with new innovative slot game ideas. In other words - they are really awesome!

Feeling curious? 

Check out two videos on our Producers and Game Designers

Workplace & Culture

At Quickspin, you can find a large variety of talented people of different ages, personalities and nationalities. Our great diversity only makes us better and we really do consider us as family. We like to spend time with each other and have a lot of fun, which you can easily see in the game room, kitchen, by the ping pong table, or during an after work. Apart from creating awesome games, we're also famous for our exceptionally high employee satisfaction index. Have you seen our awesome video about what the typical Quickspinner is like? Check it out here!