Quickspin News

Back from amazing Palma with pictures!

Last week, 75 Quickspinners went to Palma, Mallorca. It was as amazing as one would guess with loads of laughter, good food and activities. Here's a few pictures!    Definately a trip we will never forget! 

First (double) Q-days in 2019! Yay!

In the end of February, we had our first (double) set of Q-days! We started with the usual awesome breakfast in our lovely kitchen, and then people moved on to participating in different presentations & workshops held by our own employees, or...

ICE was Awesome!

We're back from ICE Totally Gaming in London! We think the conference was a huge success and we are very happy with our stand!   

2019 - We're ready for you!

We're finally back at the office after the Christmas break and ready to take on the new year! We're convinced 2019 is going to be a awesome with lots of fun and exciting things happening.  Lots of hugs inc!    ...