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Quickspin News

​It's a Wrap, 2018!

2018 has truly been amazing. We've done so many cool things and on boarded so many awesome people. We've had a blast! Check out this video to see our year!     


Before we all went on our Christmas holidays and said goodbye to 2018, we had an epic XMAS party! Our theme was ALL THAT GLITTERS, and well - it definitely was a sparkling evening. See some fun pics from the evening here! ...

QS & CSR Mentorship program

Great times! Quickspin just signed up for a partnership with the awesome organization Nema Problema, that focuses on integrating immigrants into Sweden. We have already several Quickspinners who have signed up to become mentors for newly arrived academics and will help them...

Quickspin <3 blogs

Hey there, awesome reader! Welcome to Quickspins  own blog. Here you'll be able to read about some of the fun and exciting stuff that is happening at Quickspin.  Is there anything particular you would like us to write about? Don't hesitate to reach...