2021 - hang in there everybody!

It's late February 2021 and well, we're still hanging in there. All Quickspinners still work from home and are doing their very best to cope with this remote reality. Must say though how proud we are over everybody who just keep fighting the fight with happy faces. We miss hanging out with each other in the offices, but it feels like people are 'getting the hang of it' now and start to see the light at the end of the tunnel. So let's hope for the best everybody!

In the meantime, we do our thing as usual - just remotely. 

The Culture Club continues to have their workshops and talk about how we can keep Quickspin awesome.

Quickspin's Culture Police Officers!!!.jpg

During Q1, we have a Well-being focus for all. So far, we've already attended both relaxing workout classes & 10 min-relaxation sessions. Lots of nice things on the schedule to come! 




All employees received an awesome 'Feel-Good-Box' as a Valentine's Day gift, combinated with the Swedish "Semmeldagen" - where we received the ingrediets to make our own Semla (sweet bun with whipped cream, marzipan & vanilla powder), along with some chocolate, coffee and tea. All in all - the perfect Feeling good (or at least better) box!



We continue to arrange virtual after works to hang out over a Friday drink. Maybe play a few games and enjoy the company.



And of course, we never stop being playful. 


Lots of virtual hugs!


/Quickspin team

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